Ketchum & Sun Valley Idaho Wedding Photographer - Craig Wolfrom - Also serving: San Fransicso Bay Area, Mexico, and beyond

Images: Engaged

Two engaged sweethearts rest agains their 1955 Chevy Bel Air Coupe.
An engaged couple sits on the edge of a multi level parking garage giving each other a kiss.  The parking structure makes for a creative black and white photograph.
A couple walks down a granit slope at the City of Rocks National Monument, Idaho.
An engaged couple smiling at each other during their portrait session in Ketchum, Idaho.
Two engaged sweethearts are reflected in their car as they are just about to kiss in a field just north of Ketchum, Idaho.
A night photograph of an engaged couple who have stopped for a kiss in an alley in Ketchum, Idaho.
Portrait of an engaged couple during their engagement session in Ketchum, Idaho.